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2014 challenge – june

clashing jersey

clashing jersey

Having racked up a lot of miles in May and got myself ahead of schedule the plan for June was a steady one that just kept the milometer ticking over.

As with most plans things didn’t quite work out like that. With the looming increase in work in July and August putting the brakes on the miles in these months I couldn’t quite shake off the feeling that I needed to stay on top of things through June.

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ride report: antur stiniog

couple of commies

It was a weekend of highs and lows for sure.

A smaller than anticipated group rode the Penmachno trails on Saturday due to a dodgy shop putting together Tony’s bike resulting in broken rear axle and a drive for Mr Breen around the small towns of Wales looking for a replacement.
Reviews of the Penmachno trails were mixed when we all met up in Bleanau Ffestiniog.

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2014 challenge – may

open road

open road

The mainly MAMIL month of May did one thing and that was add a lot of miles on to the total, by far the biggest total yet for 2014 with over 600 miles racked up.

The other  thing to say about May is that I failed in the 8 bikes in 7 days challenge. In my defence this was down to the trek being on long term vacation to the bike shop which has seen it make an appearance at all in this months mileage.

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countdown to bill

nevis range

Title: countdown to bill

Location: Fort William Downhill (Nevis Range)

Description: In-between trying not fall off the downhill bike at Dunkeld at the weekend it was agreed to set a date for riding the World Cup Downhill course at Fort William.

Start Date: 23 August 2014

End Date: 24 August 2014

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2014 challenge – april

tea and cake

tea and cake

So in to April and very aware due to holiday this was going to be a short month for riding as a result of a well deserved (in my eyes) weeks holiday in the middle of the month.

The month started off with the first almost completely light evening ride, a great fun 20miles out to Dumgoyne on a Wednesday evening. As all rides should be this was finished off with tea and cake…

First weekend of the month saw a trip to innerleithen that turned out to be a trip to Glentress as we had failed to notice that the Innerleithen Enduro was on. A solid number of fun miles were put in the bank with a good combination of blue and red trails.

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Great ride but where was David Attenborough?

Mr A

Mr A

Given the turn of the weather and my recent visit to the mecca of mountain biking (although given I didn’t so much as see a bike the whole time I was there on account of the snow) I thought it was about time to visit Berkshire’s very own Mecca of Swinley Forest.

It’s a fair comment that it lacks the soaring mountains of British Colombia, but that does allow for more of what the Canadians quaintly call self-uplift!

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ride report: comrie get together


downhill fatty

downhill fatty

Saturday 12 April saw cakeriders from st andrews, glasgow and surrey all come together at comrie croft to ride the trails and mock/marvel at the fat bike phenomenon.

Since we last rode here there has been a lot of work going on with a new non-fireroad climb out of the car park which makes the initial climb far more interesting. Though once this is done thee rocky/rooty climbing hasn’t changed and it is pretty tricky to get flow on this.

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ride report: not innerleithen

cathy on a climb that is not at innerleithen

cathy on a climb that is not at innerleithen

So the plan had been to head to innerleithen rather than the usual Glentress. A civilised meeting time of midday was arranged.

When driving towards innerleithen could spot a field with lots of event type paraphanlia but we thought it was the wrong side of the road so we would be ok. On pulling in to the car park noticing the Dudes of Hazzard van  it dawned on us that the Innerleithen Enduro was taking place and would mean some of the trails we wanted to ride might be sectioned off for Saturday practice.

Closer inspection revealed that the xc trail was shut from midday, so there was only one thing for it…glentress! read the rest of ride report: not innerleithen »

2014 challenge – march

With the baby steps towards spring expected in March I started the month with positive thoughts about building up a miles buffer.

Well I thought that whilst in the USofA on holiday so knew that there were a few lost days at the start of the month.

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So, who’s in for some April in Wales?

Cwm Carn

Having been out of the fold for a couple of years, I was excited to see some chat on the Twitter side about a trip to Wales on the last weekend in April. If I have followed this right, the idea was Cwmcarn on Saturday and something else (Forest of Dean or new rides at Afan on Sunday). The simple question is who’s in, what arrangements are in place this far and last, but not least in true Cakerider style, what tyres are you bringing??