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december videos

So for the final time for 2012 a few videos to pass the cold December days…


les arcs 2011 – moving pictures

So have put together a video from the weeks riding in Les Arcs. Some good and some bad but does give a flavour of what riding is out there…

French Alps Video #12

The final video before heading out to the alps a couple of recently uploaded videos…

French Alps Video #11

So this time next week will be packing stuff and bikes for 4 people in the car for t’alps so thought would go for a video heavy Friday this week. Enjoy!!


French Alps video #10

Double figures so 2 videos to celebrate.

What is it about colours and numbers?

Red 10

Machin It from chris on Vimeo.

Black 8

Les Arcs: Black 8 from mtb-idle on Vimeo.

So Rich/Pod tell us about these…

French Alps video #9

Now we are in July thought with only 4 more Fridays after today to go thought it would be good to get some clips of trails we might ride.

This split screen effort from mtb-idle is of Cachettes Trail in Les Arcs, that is the kind of rest day I would quite like to have.


French Alps video #8

Nicely shot and some “inspirational” chat

monday @ swinley

A dry Monday so what else is there to do but go out for a ride – Monday 13th June @ Swinley.

swinley jump gulley

ali and ferns

Check out the video


French Alps video #7

This weeks Friday Alps video comes from 2005 and shows quite a few different types of trail.

French Alps video #6

More of a point and shoot headcam this time…

Les Arcs/2010 from Rich Norgate on Vimeo.