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Muckmedden 6hour report

muckmedden 6 hour

muckmedden 6 hour

I think the tweet below pretty much sums up overall feeling about muckmedden…was a somewhat challenging course and event.

As the first event of 2015 and with all the talk of a hard xc course have to admit to being a little apprehensive. I had decided to go with the 29er with a couple of small changes…the addition of suspension at the front and an uppydown seatpost.

The 9am start was slightly delayed so that despite the surprisingly warm weather you could see everyone getting a little chilly though the “pro” guys combated this by getting on the rollers.

I think the names (found out post event) of some of the trails give a pretty good indication of what the course was like – Loam Lover, Steep and Deep, Heart of Darkness and The Worm Hole.

Lap #1 of any event is always a bit stop/start as there is often a wait to get in to some of the singletrack but the first lap did involve a lot more stopping then starting. Firstly though there was a decent length fireroad section to get the legs spinning and hopefully string out the field.  It worked to an extent but still couldn’t quite work out why there was such a wait at the first downhill but when got to roll in to it could see why.

as if...

as if…

It was a muddy, steep rooty chute which was just a sign of things to come in terms of the downhills. The lap involved a lot more up and down before “just riding along” a bit of fireroad when we hear what sounded like a gunshot. Looking down it was not a gunshot but my rear tube exploding which such force that it had caused a split in the sidewall of the tyre.

This could have been game over but the combination of a tyre boot from Struan to limp round the rest of the lap and the purchase of a new tyre from the on-site Alpine Bikes meant that all was lost was a bit of time and at this point I think we were stone cold last.

A short end of lap food stop and we were out again. Laps 2 and 3 went past without incident but the course was pretty challenging and by the end of lap 3 was starting to feel a bit beaten up.

So on to lap 4 and this is when the tiredness really started to hit. About halfway round the lap found myself really struggling on some of the roots and riding some of the sketch downhills really pretty badly so a mid-lap food stop was required and out came the shot blocks which is a sure sign that energy was running low!! Towards the end of this lap it was decided that it would be sensible to just aim for a final (fifth) lap rather than pushing it to squeeze in a 6th and ending up broken.

Overall myself and Stru finished a slightly dissapointing 60/61 out of the 107 finishers but considering the near race finishing mechanical on lap 1 got to be happy with that.

Fantastic laid back event with something of a challenging course that provided very little rest on what at first sounded like a short “just” 6 mile lap!

post muckmedden 29er

post muckmedden 29er


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