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Mayhem possibly

Reet, mountain mayhem on the horizon and considering entering.

I know some people are interested but may already have mafe arrangements so who fancies it?


ride2015 january

In to a new year and a new target!

Having met last years target of riding 4,000 miles a new target was needed for 2015.

After much thought and mainly ’cause I didn’t quite reach it last year this tears aim is to do 150 non-commuting rides during 2015. Rides could be on the road, offroad, events or just riding to the pub for a quick pint.

This may not seem much of a challenge but does mean having to average 3 rides  (to pass the milestone) which although still sounds pretty straightforward given other demands on time and changeable Scottish weather is not a given.

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Quick favour for a friend if you would.

I’ve got a friend (yes unlikely I know but true) who runs a self catering holiday place in France, he’s looking to attract more cycling types and was asking for a bit of advice. What do you look for in accommodation on a cycling holiday?

I need to find out where it is but are there some general things you look for when considering a place? Ill start the ball rolling, usually I need to know there will be secure storage for bikes as well as bike washing/fiddling facilities, an outdoor hose and a bike stand is enough. A washing machine for sweaty/muddy clothing and possibly somewhere to dry stuff. Decent local watering holes/eateries and a knowledge of them through word of mouth or just a little print out in the accommodation. obviously some kind of indication of routes or possibly even access to a local guide is always very good. Decent internet also good as posting pics or videos up  in the evenings is useful. Thats a start anyway.


Ta in advance

…. and first ride of 2015

Brass Monkey Round 3 stats

Brass Monkey Round 3 stats

 Given the amount of turkey and Christmas Pudding I caned over the Crimbo period, it was maybe not the best idea to make my first ride of 2015 a four hour endurance race given that my last event was a bit of an epic fail!  With a good deal of apprehension, I took my place at the back of the grid and waited for the hooter.

The first thing I noticed after the fact that the guys at the front were almost half way round the 7 mile course before I’d even started moving was that most people were wrapped up nice and warm in long johns and over boots.  By the end of the first lap and having long since lost any contact with the two blocks of ice that had taken the place of my feet, I was cursing their wisdom.

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Last ride of 2014

alex 2 bikes

alex 2 bikes

The promise of a final decent day of fine if rather chilly weather meant that we couldn’t possibly give up the chance of a final ride of 2014.  Given that we had a day to ourselves and had eaten rather too much over the festive period, we decided to take on a rather long distance effort from Liss up to the Devil’s Punchbowl and back, about 28 miles in all.

The promise of cake at the midpoint acted as a highly necessary and regular motivation factor that got us through.

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2014 challenge the results

fenced in

fenced in

So now that 2014 is done and dusted the results are in.

To recap I set myself the challenge of riding 4,000 miles or if I want it to sounds slightly more impressive 6437 kilometres during the course of the year.

Not quite sure where the target came from but at the start of the year seemed pretty daunting. BUT target was met with a grand total of 4105 miles covered during 2014.

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Christmas @ Cannock

snow, cannock and shorts

snow, cannock and shorts

Title: Christmas @ Cannock

Location: Birches Valley, Cannock Chase

Description: It is that time of year when presents need to be bought and people start to stock up on food like there is no tomorrow, this must mean that it is time to arrange the (almost) annual cakeriders cannock christmas ride…

Date: 28 December 2014

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2014 challenge – november

mugdock skyline

mugdock skyline

So November was always going to be a tricky month to get the miles in with work commitments, the onset of winter weather and a visit to that there London.

This was all proven to be the case with the lowest mileage of any month so far in 2014…to get any kind of mileage in during the month it meant a lot of night rides, often damp night rides at that.

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2014 challenge – october

loch lomond

loch lomond

Entering in to the final quarter of the year the big challenge was to keep motivated to get the miles in as we enter the colder, darker and wetter months of the year…fortunately at least the beginning of the month saw a lack of rain.

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the cove is dead, long live the cotic

the replacement for the cove

So after solid 10+ years service the time has come to finally put the trusty cove stiffee out to pasture.

After much debating the replacement was decided on a “steel is real” cotic bfe.

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