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ride 2015 – august

cake and coffee alps edition

cake and coffee alps edition

August kicked off with the long awaited jaunt to the alps which I have been absolutely rubbish in doing any kind of write up about about. Suffice to say there was fantastic riding, some fantastical crashes and amazingly a near complete week of sunshine.

There were a bunch of photos taken mainly of sitting about drinking coffee…

cakeriders photos | tony’s photos | ben’s photos | pod’s photos | rich’s photos

Using Chatel as a base to get over in to Switzerland as well as venturing out and riding some of the nearby spots worked really well and let us tackle a variety of trails as well as a variety of places for cake!!


Returning to Blighty saw a return to poor weather and rides that actually involved pedalling which was something of a shock to the system.

great view from local trails

great view from local trails

That meant getting on the 100mm travel 29er which having spent a week on the big green downhill monster was a bit of a shock to the system.  A few local rides soon got me back in to the swing of things, also managed a bit of trail hunting which did as might be expected end up on the odd goat track also resulted in finding some good local trails. Not only do I love this view but if I have decided to ride to there it means that it is generally dry enough to tackle the techy downhill that comes after.

Making the most of the evenings before every post work ride requires lights I made a couple of visits to Carron Valley on the way home from work. A lot of people diss the riding but when you have had a summer as damp as we have the well built trails are fantastic, the concern is about puddles and not mud!!

The downhill bike wasn’t forgotten with an uplift day at Innerleithen. Although the sunshine was reminiscent of the alps the muddy trails certainly weren’t though they did start to dry out during the day. Definitely felt quicker on the downhill bike after a week of riding it over the summer so need to plan other trips on it for sure, there has been talk of a trip to Hamsterley Forest Descend Bike Park which sounds pretty interesting. In the meantime plans are already afoot for September that include a trip down to Glentress and also a trip up to Laggan so there is plenty to keep me occupied.

In terms of rides feel like being on course to hit the target of 150 in 2015 with 29 rides left to go but heading in to the latter part of the year there is always the possibility that the Scottish weather has other ideas.


long shadows

long shadows

2015 totals so far…

 rides  miles*
january 14 217
february 15  183
march 14 203
april 17 239
may 14  259
june 19 352
july  14  258
august 14 213
year total 121 1926

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