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ride 2015 – july

cotic and mud

Well the height of summer saw a lot of riding in wet horrible conditions and not the heat wave that the south of the UK seemed to be enjoying!!

July in riding terms was notable for a number of reasons, not least breaking the 100 rides this year mark and finally doing a full day jaunt on the road bike to some islands off the west of Scotland…

The first ride on the month involved a cheeky Friday off work to head to Glentress and ride some of the off-piste trails. This was a fantastic ride for a couple of reasons, firstly it was a work day and we were not working but riding the ol’ boy of trail centres. Secondly and probably more remarkable was that it was the first time in living memory when it has just been me and Struan on  a ride and we have not been battling through downpours, winds and flooded roads. A ride of note for sure!

The next week things went the other way with the re-fitting of mudguards and local muddy rides (see picture). Although it was a bit of a slog spent the time doing some trail searching and put together a couple of new local routes which will be perfect pick’n’mix with the trails I usually ride.

mid-ride cake at comrie

The next notable ride of the month was once again with Struan in a 2 for 2 in July (or probably ever) ride at Comrie Croft. Since my last visit there are some great new sections at the croft and great to get a bit of a re-introduction to riding rocks. Also got to love a mid-ride cake stop that involves china plates and dainty little forks. Excellent stuff!

Towards the end of the month the weather improved enough to enable a couple of evening road rides locally to get some miles in and hopefully some fitness in to the legs.

We also arranged to do the five ferries on the final weekend of the month. We took the risk of setting a date for doing this without looking at any weather forecast which it has to be said is a bit of a risk. All week the forecast was pretty poor and with Struan dropping out mid-week it was touch and go whether me and Cathy would go through with it.

Finally the decision to give it a go as it is something we had hoped to do last year but availability of time was against us and those that have done it talked about how stunning the views were.

The decision was rewarded and then some with ideal riding conditions – sunshine but not overly hot meant it was more than warm enough for the inevitable hanging about waiting for ferries. Though it did almost all go wrong at the very off! A result of the good weather and the Round Arran Relay meant the ferry over to the island was crowded with people having to wait for the next one. Us and a large number of other cyclists made it on just.

worth all the climbing for the view

worth all the climbing for the view

Won’t go in to details about the ride but covered 62miles over the course of the day, with over a munro’s worth of climbing and some stunning scenery. If you ever get the chance to do it then jump at it as it is a heap of fun and there is something special about getting ferries between bits of the ride.

Although July saw the joint lowest total for number of rides it was a fantastically varied month with the miles adding up to getting out the lycra and hitting the roads.

August is likely to work the other way with a good number of rides but lack of miles that inevitably result from a week of uplifts in the alps…


2015 totals so far…

 rides  miles*
january 14 217
february 15  183
march 14 203
april 17 239
may 14  259
june 19 352
july  14  258
year total 107 1713

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