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ride 2015 – june

rich on cross border trail

rich on cross border trail

During June I managed 2 visits south of the border to ride in England - an eventful weekend at Kielder and also the return after a 2 year absense to Mountain Mayhem.

So at the halfway point of 2015 time to look at the facts and figures so far…

If splitting the year in to 12 equal monthly targets I should be on 75 rides and on 93  rides I would appear to well ahead of schedule but that does not take in to account the vagaries of Scottish winters. There is always the chance of the final few months of the year being written off by the weather so working on the principle that it is always good to have a few rides “in the bank”.

So what of June’s actual riding, the first week of the month started with a number of local rides that before this was broken up by a trip to Glentress. More local rides before the first trip of the month to England to ride with Rich and Ben. This is where the mechanicals started.  On the last downhill of a long off-route jaunt that took us back in to Scotland the right cranks arm “fell off”. This mashed the spline on the crank arm and despite my 2 riding companions wanting to hit the cranks with a rock it was decided it was jiggered. A lack of a replacement available at the bike hire place meant an early finish to the weekend for me and a long drive back north.

The mechnanicals continued when replacing the drivetrain on the Scandal ahead of mountain mayhem, taking the cassette off revealed a cracked freehub with a chunk of the freehub body falling off. With less than a week to get it fixed a wheel was nicked off the cross bike and Ali came to the rescue with a spare set that were brought along to the event.

hi-tech timing system

hi-tech timing system

As for mayhem itself it was my first time at Gatcombe Park and was a pretty sociable event with us entering 2 teams. A little bit of healthy banter and an honourable draw with both teams completing a respectable 28 laps.  After discussions it was agreed that mayhem should be recorded as 1 ride even thought headed out on 7 laps.

After a couple of days off after mayhem it was mainly local riding to finish off the month – heading out on the cotic to start to ride a few more technical trails to get my eye in for dusting off the downhill bike in July.

Overall June saw the most number of rides and the first time that monthly mileage broke the 300 miles, in fact just over 350 miles  so was a good month and hoping for more of the same in July.



2015 totals so far…

 rides  miles*
january 14 217
february 15  183
march 14 203
april 17 239
may 14  259
june 19 352
year total 93 1454

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