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ride 2015 – september

muddy start to the month

A bit late in getting this together due to non-biking holiday but September saw surprisingly ok weather in the west of Scotland and some cracking rides!! Having said that the month kicked off with the fitting of a mudguard (sure sign autumn is on the way) and muddy local rides…


Things improved somewhat after this with a spate of after work local rides making the most of the last month of being able to ride without the constant need for charging of lights. This was a perfect time to ride the local trails as they dried out and we got some cracking still and sunny evenings.

stillness and sunshine

The good weather even included a trip to Glentress that involved the wearing of short sleeves and sitting outside at the cafe, sure to be the last opportunity this year!!

The main jaunt with the bike for September was a trip up to Laggan. Another fine (well dry anyways) day meant we had the impetus to do the red, black and even some of the “enduro” trails. This was despite us all being on outdated 26″ wheel bikes, we just managing to get round with the inevitable death that we were all expected.

The rest of the month was filled with more local rides and a couple of cheeky trip enroute home from work to Carron Valley. This had been intended as a wet weather alternative but instead got to enjoy some cracking views from the trails whilst drying very hard to land jumps smoothly on a fully rigid bike to try and avoid (more) punctures).

September was a great month of riding and somehow managed to squeeze in 16 rides before going off on holiday at the end of the month. That takes the total for up to 138 with just 12 to go to reach the 2015 target of 150.

So the aim is to get as close to that as possible in October and also “compete” in my first ever of these new fangled enduro races – the Fair City Enduro on 24th October.

late summer shadows

2015 totals so far…

 rides  miles*
january 14 217
february 15  183
march 14 203
april 17 239
may 14  259
june 19 352
july  14  258
august 14 213
september  16  220
year total 137 2146

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