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ride2015 – may

cathy at Ae

cathy at Ae

In terms of riding you gotta love a month that starts with a Bank Holiday, though due to a known busy month at work May was always going to be a struggle fit in decent amount of time on the bike.

I was surprised looking that figures how doing just a few road rides racks up the miles so May ended up being the most miles in a month for 2015 so far.

Though due to being down in that there England I wasn’t out on the bike until Sunday of the first weekend. Got to say having some nice trails from the door when I got back home gave me kick I needed to get up early get the 5+ hour drive out of the way. Once home retreived the cyclocross bike and headed out locally for a quick spin.

Making the most of the long weekend we headed south to Ae for a ride on the Monday. Always love Ae when ride there but for some reason it is not always on the riding radar despite it being the closest of the 7 stanes from home.

It was then a case of fitting in a couple of local rides in the week before a trip down to Peebles on Sunday 10th May. Decided to treat ourselves to a Monday off so we rode Innerleithen on Sunday and then a quick blast round Glentress on Monday. Always impresses me how busy Glentress is on a week day and great to see so many people out.

More local rides followed with a jaunt out on the road bike as well.

ready to ride, george square

ready to ride, george square

Then it was time to ride for work! As part of the launch of the project I am working on I was challenged to cycle around 42 parks in Glasgow on 23 May (rather than the Glentress Sevens that was the original plan). So as this is not travelling to work it is not being seen as a commute and can therefore be included in this years totals. We followed this with another ride around Glasgow on the Bank Holiday.

A few more local rides were squeezed in before the end of the month to get the rides in. Despite expecting a low number of rides this month did manage to fit in more than expected to take me within 1 ride of the halfway point in ride numbers with a month to spare.

June is likely to see riding further afield with 2 trips planned for riding in England. The first will be a trip just over the border for a weekend of riding in Kielder and the second will see a return (for me) to taking part in Mountain Mayhem for the first time in three years.


2015 totals so far…

 rides  miles*
january 14 217
february 15  183
march 14 203
april 17 239
may 14  259
year total 74 1101

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